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Jamtse School of Yin Yoga

The Jamtse School of Yin Yoga is a longtime collaboration with Biff Mithoefer, and our work has always been focused on the meeting of emotional and somatic experience in the Yin Yoga  Practice — when we slow down for long enough to feel, long enough to listen, what does our body share, what insights are we holding just outside of our listening, what is our own truth we have been waiting to overhear?  Each teacher training equips students to understand the intricacies, abilities, limits and mysteries of human anatomy as it pertains to movement and structure.  We will explore the architecture of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones, the fascia that surrounds them, and the energy that runs through them. We explore where anatomy meets emotion, sensation meets feeling, and how to trust the practice of returning to the body’s wisdom.

Teacher Trainings 2023
visit the Jamtse School Website for more information and registration
~ Yin Yoga Introductory Weekend at Yogaville, VA - April 28-30
~ Yin Yoga and Storytelling Weekend, Rasa Yoga, Paris, June 16-18
~ Module 3 - Yin Yoga and Storytelling, TreeHaus Bavaria, June 26-July 1st
~ Module 1 Yin Yoga Immersion - Taoism, Anatomy, and the Somatics of Stillness - Shambala Gatherings, Sweden July 27-30 
~ Module 1 Yin Yoga Teacher Training - Taoism, Anatomy, and the Somatics of Stillness - The Omega Institute - September 17-22nd

Other offerings: 

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Feb 14th - The Living Seed New Paltz, NY - 6-8p
Mar 9 - Iris Yoga Studio - Accord NY - 5:30-7:30p
May 21 - Vitality Yoga, New Paltz, NY - 5-7pm

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