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Japanese Koto and Indian Bansuri Flute

Cumulus is an ambient, classical world-fusion duo of Eric Archer on Indian Bansuri Flute and Peter Coates on Japanese Koto.  A modern synthesis of courtly Japanese Music and Indian Raga, their music presents a musical ecology which clearly departs from the classical roots, finding a home within today’s global music sphere.  In short, Cumulus pairs two of the world’s most meditative musical instruments and traditions together — the result: an ambient world music fusion all its own, at once quickening yet meditative, ancient yet futuristic, transcendent yet worldly.


Based in the Hudson Valley, Cumulus’ live performances present their music interspersed with engaging dialogue and story-telling drawn from their unique musical journeys.  Peter and Eric weave between narratives and insights, sharing experiences from their studies of traditional Eastern Arts, modern and progressive approaches to music practice, and their process of cross-cultural art creation.  

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