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Artist Statement

Wood has become my voice and my language for offering reflections of the beauty we are constantly immersed within. Drawing inspiration from Impressionism, Pointillism, and Japanese Byobu Screens, I have explored the balance between perceived movement and visceral stillness within art that captures, cradles, and encourages the fluidity of light.  


My physical removal of wood gives depth and texture to each piece, while the application of paint and pigment serve to conceal and reveal the innate patterns of the wood’s grain and growth.  Here the elements of wood, water, fire, metal and air conjoin to present art that itself harkens to the visual experiences of rain, falling leaves, sparks, flowers, wind, snow, light over water, a trickling stream, or a crackling fire — all expressions of the elements in motion and exchange.    


The innate movement within each piece allows the viewer’s eyes and body to naturally respond and move with the art, as well as receive the art entirely at once.  In this way the art may be seen as akin to mandalas and other meditative art, which inherently calm and move the viewer, while reflecting the way in which the natural world is always subtly or grossly in motion; on the atomic or celestial levels.  


Furthermore, each wooden panel is itself trapped sunlight — trees drinking the sun’s energy to hold it on earth, in matter, in stillness, for a short time.  Here the esoteric and the scientific merge, as each panel offers its own expression of the ‘still point’.  This ‘still point’ is often a way of describing the essence of the unchanging within our world of changes.  It may also serve to reveal the relationship between stillness and movement often in imbalance in our modern world of accelerating cycles.  


May these works of art offer reflections upon your own participation in this process of serenity and wonder, and insights into the beauty of each cycle.