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To undertake the artistic path is an act of faith,

a nod to fate,

a leap of free will,


For the way we see and move in the world

is influenced by the beauty we perceive; 


The stories we tell ourselves in private.  


There is a kind of art that lives on the edge of the village,

this is not mere enchantment,  

wood has become my speech,

my story to sculpt,

so I aim to draw the the the eye, the body in closer to this story.  


Attention begets wonder. 

An experience of art that moves the viewer and leaves questions

contentedly unanswered … all while sparking remembering;


a threshold experience.


For what kind of art helps me better study your face? 

Study my own hands?

The textures of truth in my own life?   


Each work created is achieved by learning to wait properly, 

allowing the true form to emerge in right timing. 

Here underlying pattern-languages emerge:

a flame, a flower blossom, sparks in flight, the first snow,

light on water, the curl of smoke — simple, spontaneous, vital.  

The stillness of movement.  


Wood as earth, air, water, fire, metal;

carving to reveal the underlying order of chaos,

the principles of the gathering together,

the unfolding of communication.  

Allowing the wood to direct its own creative path;

what is removed, revealed, concealed, which is the next step

in the telling.  

For no story worth hearing is known in full from its outset,

and thus is full of synchronicities — familiar magic, trust in the unseen.  

All creating art that catalyzes the inner experience of beauty: 

this is a triumph and a food for a troubled world.  


For let it not be forgotten that this is trapped sunlight,

trees eating light, to be stored, while documenting every turning.  

And these steps of working them into art is a seamless meditation,

an offering of gratitude.  

Becoming unique mirrors that evoke awe and wonder,

invite one into presence,

into place,

through texture,


and grace.  

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